Discover the most popular Australian Tonic Water

Everyone likes a great G&T, the Gin and Tonic is thirst-quenching, refreshing, and always in fashion. Yet, not all gin and tonics are invented equally. The seemingly straightforward 2 ingredient recipe has a lot of combinations. There are plenty of gins in the market and there’s the ever-increasing category of great tonics.

Spending some extra on Australian tonic water will boost your weekend afternoon. Libation into something that tastes like it’s been made in a bar. And quite frankly you owe it to yourself to get closer to that benchmark as possible. Also, ensure to check out the guide below to the best Australian gin brands that you must consider.

Understand what a Tonic Water is

Tonic water is a type of soda water usually used in cocktail recipes. It’s also a revitalizing pick-me-up once it is enjoyed. Tonic water is a carbonated drink that has a compound known as quinine. It produces a signature bitter taste. Manufacturers usually add sugar to the drink that stabilized this bitterness, providing a bittersweet taste.

Tonic water during the early 19th century was taken as a medicinal drink. That medical professional provides to the soldiers to aid in treating malaria. Nowadays, it’s a widespread ingredient for some alcoholic drinks. Like the gin and tonic, vodka tonic, and tequila tonic.

Most well-known Australia’s Tonic Waters

  • Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree Tonic water has quickly spread to make the tonic water of choice for swanky bars and aficionados. This is most likely everywhere and gives a range of various tonics to suit different gins. It’s made particularly by a company that is experts in mixers, completely do to justice to your preferred bottle of gin.

Tonic Water

  • East Imperial

East Imperial is one of the latest on the scene in Australia. Yet boasts more than a decade of being beloved by bartenders and Kiwi connoisseurs alike. The Yuzu and ultra-premium tonics are there for people who want punchy and big flavors. Yet, gin purists tend to choose the old-world tonic.

  • Capi

Capi has made a name for producing glitzy soft drinks of late, yet they also have tonic water. That was voted best in a survey made by an Australian Bartender several years ago. With bartenders from the likes of the Cliff Dive, The Barber Shop, and The Rook on the panel.

  • Fentimans

Fentimans is a British company that specializes in botanical soft drinks for years. They’ve naturally identified the formula for a great tonic over that time. Sourcing botanicals across the world, they have seven various tonic drinks of water on giving to suit all palates.

  • Strangelove

A Tonic Water produced by Australia to match the nation’s healthy supply of craft gins. A cinchona extract is used by Strangelove No. 8, to offer a well-rounded hit of bitterness.