Why study law

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A career as a lawyer is worth striving for. There are many advantages why to studying the law profession and understanding the advantages is very important. There are many but here are a few:

Political understanding

Through the public best law schools in California part of the legal existence, a lawyer gets a good overview of political processes and can thus significantly improve their understanding.  From legislation to case law to the organizational chart of the federal government – this part of general education is included in the course and everyday legal life.

A lawyer knows his rights – this is of course not only an advantage for demanding clients but can also be helpful in one’s own life.

Logical thinking

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By dealing with case processing daily, lawyers remain “fit” in logical thinking.  These processes are also transferred to personal everyday life and private life.  In addition, after some time in professional life, lawyers say that their need to argue in private life is significantly reduced and family life is correspondingly more harmonious.

So there are some good reasons to become a lawyer.  On the other hand, the fact that high school graduates often tend to choose law studies for lack of other alternatives seems problematic.  The numerus clausus is relatively low at most universities and acquaintances from the first semesters tell of pleasant student life with only a few exams.

It is often misunderstood that the state examinations at the end of the course/traineeship regularly have a high failure rate and represent the biggest hurdle in the entire training process.