How to Offer Pressure Washing Packages

Pressure Washing

A common way for business owners to try and get more customers to give them a shot and pay them for some services is to consolidate various disparate yet related services into a single package once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that offering singular packages that contain a lot of services that customers usually want concurrently will make it easier for them to come to a decision, and you can avoid a lot of the hesitation that would make them less likely to hire you than might have been the case otherwise due to their indecisiveness.

The key to offering packages for power washing near me is to figure out what people usually need to get done after pressure washing has been completed. One such service involves paving and sealing concrete, so you can create a special concrete package that is all inclusive. Simply calculate how much you would have charged for pressure cleaning, add on the sealant application to the price tag and reduce the total by ten percent to make the package seem like a good bargain rather than a random assortment of services.

Another great package that you should at the very least consider offering is a wood package. Wood needs to be sealed after pressure washing too, but it also needs to be stained. That means that you can get a healthier sum from a package that provides all required services pertaining to wood cleaning and maintenance. Packages like this can increase your revenues by as much as ten to twenty percent at a bare minimum thereby helping you meet your quarterly earning targets.