How to Take Care of Your Hair Accessories

NuMe hair straightener

Basic tools

Almost every hair care regimen involves brushing or combing at some point during the process. Combs are generally used for gently detangling hair, for precise parting, for straightening wet or damp hair, or for NuMe styling short hair with gel or powder. There are several varieties such as picks, fine-toothed, wide-toothed, wooden, plastic, or the standard black barber’s comb.

Brushes also come in a variety of options. Among the favorites are bristle brushes, round brushes and brushes. Brushes can be used to smooth hair while styling, detangle, massage the scalp and add volume while styling. They are easy to wash and high quality will last you for many years.

NuMe hair straightener

Intermediate tools

For those with longer or thicker hair, for those who live in constantly humid environments, and for those of us who don’t have time to air dry, blow dryers are a time-saving NuMe genius. They not only dry hair quickly and efficiently, but can also be used in the process of styling. Many people with long hair will use a round bristle brush to smooth out their hair as they blow dry it as well.

It helps enhance shine and gives a polished look to slightly frizzy hair. Diffusers have also become a popular part of the process.It’s an NuMe attachment for the end of your blow dryer that helps distribute air through wider sections of your hair, adding bounce and bounce that regular air drying doesn’t.