Must-Have Garden Tools

Garden tools have continued to evolve over the years. Every season often ushers in specialized garden devices. Owning tools from various tools groups can be a huge help in maintaining your garden every year. It would be wise to be familiar with various garden tools before you decide to buy garden power tools. 

Selecting garden tools

To be able to use the right tool for every garden job makes it easy to do, not to mention more efficient. You can find various tools in different sizes and designs. You may read more about the basic garden tools and go through a garden tool list. In your selection of the best garden tool for the job, think about how it would feel to use this for several hours. The larger the tool, the heavier it can get. Larger tools are known for their efficiency, but be sure to get one that won’t tire you out fast.

Shovels, spades, and other digging equipment

The garden shovel is one of the most common landscaping tools used in the garden. It is also known as the workhorse of the garden shed. Spades are substantially the smaller version of a shovel that has a flatter blade. You can find various types of shovels such as round-point shovels, square-point shovels, garden spades, and drain spades.

Rakes and pitchforks

Rakes have different styles and sizes too. Additionally, pitchforks are designed in various styles, different numbers, and tine sizes too. This depends on the type of material they will be used in. This is why there are leaf rakes, manure forks, thatch rakes, spading forks, and bedding forks.

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Garden hoes

Another simple tool is the hoe, which is designed for weeding and for lightly breaking ground. You can find different head shapes and sizes for hoes. Some examples of hoes are action hoes, warren hoes, weeding or two-pronged hoes, and standard garden hoes.

Saws and pruning tools

You may find all these diverse cutting tools before you decide to buy garden power tools, depending on your landscape plantings. Examples of pruning tools include bow pruning saws, pole pruners, hand pruners, pruning saws, grass shears, and loppers.

Ways to choose garden tools

A good place to start is to determine the prices of garden tools and equipment. You may ask for the advice of the local hardware or garden store to be sure that the device is worth the price.

Pick the best material used for the handles. This can make a huge difference. It also has a direct impact on the weight as well as the durability of the equipment. The following are some of the materials often used for garden equipment handles aluminum, wood, plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and forged steel. Handles also differ in length. Those that have longer handles would give you more leverage.