What is buyer's agent

This real estate agent profile works exclusively for the client who wants to buy . So your job is to find the property that best suits your client’s needs , accompany them on visits and advise them throughout the process. It is like a “personal trainer” but in real estate version. Among the advantages of the buyers advocate’s in Melbourne , the fact that they have greater freedom to work stands out, since due to only one of the parties, they have no conflicts of interest.

On the other hand, they save the customer a lot of time . Because they make a prior selection of those properties that correspond to their needs, visiting them first, with the aim that the client has to make the minimum possible visits. It also checks that the home has no serious damage or pending charges and prepares all the documentation.

buyers advocate's in Melbourne

We know first-hand that the purchase of a house is an important investment in the life of any person and that the financial transaction is usually somewhat complex. That is why the importance of having a fully qualified staff so that they can support, advise and guide you, a Buyer’s Representative that stands out from the rest.

It will identify what your needs are as a buyer and locate the properties that meet your specifications.

It will help you determine what you can buy and will show you the properties that are within the price and area ranges.

During the visits to the properties he will give you full support so he will make previous visits to the properties on your behalf to ensure that your expectations are met.

It will also make a study of the chosen properties to identify any problems and thus help make a correct decision before making the purchase offer and will advise you on the offer.

He will be the one who presents the offer to the seller and his agent on your behalf and will negotiate so that you can acquire the property in the best possible conditions , having as a guide the best interest for you.

He will review all the documentation with you and explain it to you, so that you do not have any doubts when buying your home. They will also collaborate so that you can obtain the  best possible financing.

He will advise you on the appraisal and technical inspection, representing you when these are debatable. He will be with you and advise you at the time of signing the sale.

He will have a list of quality suppliers such as removals, lawyers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, if you require these services, keeping you informed at all times of possible commissions or benefits that he as an agent will obtain by hiring them.

And finally, it will advise you to use specialized services of a legal or technical nature if difficulties arise that come out of the real estate’s competence.