Why You Should Consider Screen Enclosures For Your Home

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Homes come in all different shapes and sizes. So do their inhabitants. Some people prefer the simplicity of a small abode, while others crave the comfort of a sprawling mansion. But no matter the size or style of your abode, or the people who call it their home, you can always add value. That’s where enclosures come in. They can do wonders for your home and give it a new look. And, contrary to what some believe, enclosures don’t have to be expensive. They can be relatively affordable. Here’s why you should consider enclosing your home.


You’ll get an appealing new look.


Enclosures can add character, color, and value to a home. They allow you to transform a house without re-doing the interior design. By adding windows and doors and other architectural elements like columns and trims, you can change the character of your home in a single day. And it won’t cost an arm and a leg either. Screen enclosures are often less expensive than many interior paint colors with the proper materials. So why not let the elements inside your home dictate its outside visual appearance?


You’ll get added privacy.


Many people are against enclosing their homes because they fear they will no longer be able to enjoy as much privacy outdoors as they do indoors. This is a legitimate concern if you have small children who live at home or have some health issues that require you to take extra precautions when walking around outside. However, enclosing your home is not a death sentence for your outdoor living space! You will still have plenty of room outside your house so long that you don’t encroach on existing vegetation or structures that may be nearby – i.e., no sidewalks or outdoor dining areas. As long as your structure is within the boundaries of applicable local codes, you will be able to enjoy plenty of outdoor space.


You’ll get security and durability.


Enclosing your home will provide you with unsurpassed security and an extra level of durability. Most enclosures are made from a combination of wood, metal, and glass surfaces with other structural materials that are lighter. This combination makes them much more robust than un-enclosed buildings, which means there’s less need to reinforce walls and windows. The result is a home that’s more resistant to weather damage and break-ins. And because enclosures are structurally reinforced and well insulated against heat loss through their glass panes, they stay comfy all year round!


Enclosing your home can give your property maximum value – even if it only gets a few years before you move somewhere else or have nothing to do but sell the house.