Will Naked Brand Survive In the Market with Future Plans?

The naked stock has been in the news for a long time. First, for becoming a meme stock on Reddit and later for going down the hill.

Although NASDAQ NAKD stock at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-nakd value is up by 160%, it is still not enough to save the company from getting delisted.

This company has been listed on the Nasdaq platform for a long time. However, it is the first time they have received a delisting notice.

As the stock price has remained below $1 for 30 continuous days, the company have only 180 days to change it.

Earlier, investors were enjoying nearly 650% gains with this stock. The value of NASDAQ NAKD stock increased to $3. However, after the sudden spike in January, it went down to $0.50.

Ever since then, the vale has not gone up. Most of the investors believe that it is a game-over for Naked. However, anything possible in the stock market.

With the proposed future plans and divest decision, the company can easily bounce back in the market.

Naked Brand Group Future Plans:

This company is going to change the course of its business as it is no longer making any profit. In the month of January, the company made an announcement about switching to the e-commerce platform.

Previously, they used to sell the apparels in brick and mortar stores. But with Covid-19 restrictions and facing tremendous losses, they have planned to sell the intimate apparels via an e-commerce site.

They are going to sell the physical stores and use the money to develop an online platform for selling their products.

After making the announcement, the company became quite popular on Reddit. Most of the investors had high hopes for the company. At that time, the value of NASDAQ NAKD surged to $3.

However, after the hype was over, the stock value decreased to $0.55. Many investors have made a tremendous profit by buying and selling the stock at the right time.

Revenue of the Company:

Even though Naked brand made $82.54 million in revenue, they are incurring losses. The gross profit was $33.99 million, but they presorted a loss of $44.03 million.

The company have $270 million in cash reserve. While the figures look good for a company that is changing the course of business, it should have been more as Naked Brand has been in the market for a while.

The company has a $282 million market capitalization which is enough to fund its online business. They have taken the right step to go online. If the online business runs smoothly, the company can easily earn more revenue and boost the stock price to avoid delisting.

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