Tutorials- Various options available

Learning an additional language offers several advantages. They improve our cognitive skills and self confidence levels and make us independent and assertive in social situations especially in foreign countries where is spoken widely. There are many who learn for the sheer love of the language while others learning as part of the syllabus in either school or college. There are people who learn the language as it is useful for their business or work and travel. For all the above groups of people though there are tutors who offer the  lessons in person, most of them prefer online  tutoring  due to various advantages that it provides over in person tuitions. In case of online tutoring the students can learn and practice the language at their own pace and is no longer tied by location and time constraints. Many people who are learning the language often have hectic work schedules and might not be able to accommodate in person lessons, since the online courses offers good flexibility in terms of timings and location it is a naturally preferred option by many. However, learning a language online requires lot of focus and determination as you are the only one who is responsible to complete the course.

Though some online academies have deadlines for submitting the homework, the onus is on the leaner to complete them on time. Periodic tests and quizzes are conducted to make sure the learners are on the right track and this way the progress of the person can be tracked.  Other than the online resources offered at online academies like , there are plenty of resources available on the internet in the form of worksheets and practice materials that beginners can make use of to practice and acquire proficiency and fluency in the  language. Also available are discussion forums and public forums which is a great platform for students to interact with other fellow students and tutor from across the globe. This exposure to globally dispersed learners and tutors can give good exposure to learners of the language.

Format and structure of the courses offered at the online academy

The online academy has the best tutors who are professionally qualified and have the necessary certificates and license to conduct online courses. Some of the tutors are from prestigious universities and Ivy League schools. The academy provides the flexibility for tutors to choose the structure, format of the course and also the fees for the course. The tutors also come up with their own timetable based on their work schedule.  Lessons for reading, writing listening and speaking are offered for students and there are also different skill levels like basic, beginners and advanced. Students can opt for the courses based on their skill level and expertise. More over students can match their tutors based on the compatibility, timings and even based on their budget. Private lessons are also offered by tutors but are usually more expensive compared to classroom courses.

The E-classroom application used by the online academy requires nothing but a good internet connection. The set up and installation does not take more than 5 minutes. The user interface provided by the application is very interactive and intuitive and offers a near to classroom experience with chat sessions and various features to highlight the text that is being currently discussed. There are options to record the screens using the movie creator software and watch them later. The online academy offers a free one hour trial before actually registering for the course and the sign up is free.